Customized treatment for diabetes(chronic disease)

Based on the philosophy of modern holistic medicine, Paolo Pozzilli, the world's leading thority in diebetology, together with multi-disciplinary experts offer personalized diabetic treatment program to clients and give instructions on the implementation of the program. With a 95% cessation rate on insulin injection and the use of OAD, the program has been exclusive to the nobles, political leaders and the rich-class in the world.

The integrated approaches of modern clinical medicine, clinical nutrition and sport medicine realize the supplementation of cell nutrition, cells detoxification and the promotion of the body's self-healing capacity in an all round way.

As a result, insulin secretion of islet cells and insulin activity is improved, and metabolic mechanism of nutrition and energy is regulated holistically, ensuring the reutilization of glucose energy for the human body's normal physical functions.

Customized obesity treatment

Inappropriate modern lifestyles can cause malnutrition and toxin accumulation of cells, leading towards chronic diseases such as obesity and a series of metabolic disorders. Customized obesity treatment offers by European doctors for regulating metabolism of blood sugar, lipid profile and blood pressure integrates research results of modern pathology, cell nutrition and cellular nutation. Every client's physical condition is interpreted at the cellular and genetic level.

Through cell detoxification, purification, functional restoration and activation, the whole body cells and organs are renewed, the body's self-healing capacity is restored, and the ultimate goal of health and optimal body shape is achieved!

Customized cell treatment offers

The team of European doctors collect, analyze and evaluate overall health information of the clients to personalize cancer prevention and anti-aging plans for them.

In the treatment process, the doctors track and monitor the clients' health changes with non-stop efforts, and make adjustments when necessary. The principle of the therapy is cell purification and activation, hormone regulation, immunity promotion and autologous stem cell treatment, ensuring cell detoxification and restoration of the optimal inner environment of cell.

Only when the cells are provided with premium materials, organs be supported by optimal cells, which ultimately leads to a wholesome life!

Annual health promotion program

4-in-1 exclusive services offers by Euroepan medical authorities, European private doctors, Chinese private doctors and Chinese health consultants.

1.Annual health promotion program offers by Exclusive European Private Doctors: Personalized treatment is planned by European authoritative specialist and is interpreted by European private doctors, who will offer annual health instruction and advices for individual client.

2.Monthly consultation with exclusive European private doctors and personalized treatment plans.

3.1 year's customized nutritional supplements for free.