Swiss Medical International

Swiss Medical International(SMI), the former Switzerland Medical Society in Geneva(founded in 2004), has been authorized by the government of Switzerland to hold a number of medical exhibitions. The SMI group has long been dedicated to the global medical investment, advancing the development of innovative medical management models and the popularization of the modern medical technology and equipment in the world.

Based on the core principle of holistic medicine, SMI group has been a global leader in promoting patient-orientedd model of medical management and medical capital investment. An era of non-invasive medical technology in global area is right on the path leaded by SMI Swiss ABL is a subsidary of SMI.

Hervé De Kergrohen
Founder of SMI Group
  • Investor of the US Healthcare Reform
  • Founder of the Biodata Forum
  • Management Strategist in Innovative Healthcare System
  • Partner with CDC Innovation, Venture Fund of largest French investor
  • Managing Director and Joint Founder of IBMH
  • Head of Research and Fund Manager with Darier Hentsch & Cie
  • Senior Strategist for UBS Asset Management
  • Fund Manager in BB Medtech Fund
  • Biodata Forum
    Annual Internatonal Scientific Congress in Geneva
  • SMI annually convenes the most influencial and authoritative summit for leaders in the sectors of international medicine and bio-technology, gathering the cutting-edge resources in the industries of bio-technology and health around the globe.
  • Annual international exchange conference of Global Doctors Association, Geneva is held every year in the same period.
  • Mr. Hervé was interviewed by local press for a live report in the 2011 BioData Forum Geneva
    Global Doctors Association, Geneva

    To cater to patients' needs of health, Global Doctors Association, Geneva breaks down the boundaries of individual medical disciplines and integrates multiple-discilinary medical resources from all over the world, offering teh optimal health restoration programs tailored to patients around the world, with comprehensive curing approaches of psychological treatment, physiotherapy, rehabilitation treatment and life coach instructions.

    All the programs are implemented by an expert team guided by the principle of holistic medicine, ensuring a non-stop whole-process follow-up of the clients' health evolution and the eventual healthy mental state and lifestyle. The natural self-healing capacity is then restored and the body regains health and youth!

    European Private Doctors Association(IEP) has long been working with Global Doctors Association, Geneva in academic exhcange and technological collaboration.

    Global Doctors Association, Geneva was founded by Hervé in Geneva in 2013, following the philosophy of holistic medicine, a modern medical approach to health and wellbeing in which the whole person is focused on.

    It studies the rules of disease evolution, interaction of different organs of the body and the related changes of the physical condition, integrating the cutting-edged medical treatment and health prevention to lead towards the optimal attainment of all aspect of health.

    Holistic Medicine
    Holistic medicine is based on the core medical principle of Hippocrates, the father of medicine in the western world more than 2000 years ago. Everyone has a doctor in him or her, we just have to help it in its work.
    Practical Basis
    In 1980s, based on his own experience, David Servan, a renowned European Doctor, laid the foundation for the medical theoretical framework and medical practices of this therapeutic system. David Servan's life was at some point diagnosed with brain tumor and was claimed to have no more than 6 months left with the help of traditional medicine. However, he worked miracly by living another 13 years by adopting this therapeutic system.
    Popularization In Europe
    In 1994, IEO was founded by Umberto Veronesi, pioneer of non-invasive treatment on gynecological tumor, greatly promoting the practices of holistic medicine.
    Principle of Holistic Medicine:
    1. The human body is not a machine, but a whole living organism;
    2. The reason behind diseases and aging:accumulation of toxin and cell malnutrition;
    3. The best doctor is the body's self-healing capacity;
    4. Prevention outweights treatment;
    5. It is crucial to preserve the wholeness of organs during treatment against diseases, minimizing harms to the body;