Prof. Germano Di Sciascio
Prof. Germano Di Sciascio

International authority of Cardiovascular Disease

  • Director of Department of Cardiovascular Diseases in Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome
  • Chairman of Italian Society of Cardiovascular Research
  • Founder of Great Wall Interventional Cardiology Seminar
  • Prof. Paolo Pozzilli M.D.
    Prof. Paolo Pozzilli M.D.

    International authority of Diabetes

  • Professor of endocrine and metabolism department of Bio-medical University in Rome
  • President of the Italy Endocrinology and metabolic disease association
  • International cahirman of 15th Conference of Endocrinology and the 17th CHINA International Endocrinology conference and Chinese Medical Association
  • Gerard Bersand M.D.
    Gerard Bersand M.D.

    European authority of Anti-aging

  • Founder of European Anti-aging Association
  • President of European hormone anti-aging Club
  • President of EPDA
  • Frédéric Bompard M.D.
    Frédéric Bompard M.D.


  • Vice president of EPDA
  • President of the European Association for nutritional medicine
  • Eurppean authority of Medical cosmetology and Antiaging
  • David Elia M.D.
    David Elia M.D.

    European authority of Gynecology

  • Dean of Gynecologic Center of France Hartmann Clinique
  • President of French-speaking Country Gynecologic Doctor Association
  • Honorary life president of EPDA
  • Wilhelm Vetter M.D.
    Wilhelm Vetter M.D.


  • President of the world society for gastroenterology
  • Professor, tutor of the Medical doctoral student
  • International authority on tumor cytology